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I mean Detroit got pretty close
But they're building a 680ft tower at Hudsons and a 500ft tower at Monroe blocks is being proposed so I could definitely see them build something over 700ft.

Cleveland is getting the new Sherwin Williams HQ where the downtown population has grown over 20% so they’re in a good position to get a tower over 700ft.

Minneapolis has been getting some new developments recently, the tallest of them being 547ft so they’re getting close but I don't think they will build 700ft+ for another couple of years.

Indianapolis is one of the fastest-growing cities in the US and is in a prime position to get new tall towers but so far they only have the PanAm project to look forward to and it ain't no 700 footer.

Columbus is getting some new proposals and a new tower is under constriction at the convention center but nothing close 700ft.

But If I've had to say I think it would be Cleveland or Detroit, most likely Cleveland

Hopefully, these cities get some new tall towers soon, but nothing taller than Chicago though
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