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I took some photos while out for a morning run last week. Rive North is really starting to fill in now. We have Hotel Pearl, The Cellars, Riverhouse, the Wyndham, the new office building, and Tobin Center all under construction.

By this time next year there will be a lot more activity in the area!

The new Goldman Phipps office building is coming along nicely. I really like the design and the huge rooftop patio/terrace/offices. I hope they put a restaurant or something up there.

While the new Wyndham is a little bland, the two buildings next to each other adds some density and activity to the area.

Riverhouse is moving quickly. Driving along 35 north it looks like they're nearly at level 5 on the northern building.

Looking west along Roy Smith toward the river.

Looking from the opposite direction.
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