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Originally Posted by eaalkaline View Post
Am I the only one who immediately thought "car bomb" when I saw that design? Hate to be the pessimist, but there is no way that design will be approved unless the height is DRASTICALLY reduced to make it less of a target.
A car bomb isn't gonna do anything against a skyscraper this size. People need to forget about skyscrapers as primary targets for terrorism. Open spaces, where large crowds gather, like stadiums, squares, subways, etc. are more likely targets. But we're not shutting down any of those, so we shouldn't stop building either.

However, I do believe if such a tower were built in that location, the tunnel approach should be covered over for a paza.

Originally Posted by SkyscrapersOfNewYork
if this is proposed why is it maked as vision?
Plans were drawn up by the architect as part of a study on the future of that secion of lower Manhattan. For it to become an actual proposal, someone who can build it needs to take it from there. Because it's not restricted as an office tower, a building like this can afford to be more exuberant in its design. It's also likely to cost more to build.
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