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Originally Posted by NCB View Post
Sorry, but anything is possible in the NFL, and saying that there is no way the Saints will go to L.A. if they leave New Orleans is pretty silly, IMO. If the NFL wants the Saints there, the Saints will be there, believe that. And as long as a metro of 20 million is just sitting out there without a team, a metro of 1.8 million like San Antonio will get looked over every time. And that's pretty much the way everyone outside of San Antonio seems to feel about the Saints situation. Not to mention the stadium situation, which is no problem for Los Angeles considering the NFL will practically build it themselves, all to get a team out there.

But again, who knows. If the Saints leave, it won't be for another 3 years, and lots can change in that time.
Not to nitpick your numbers, but LA has 12 million, not 20 million, according to Wikipedia and the US census bureau. Still a huge market though. SA has 2 million (1.9 mil as of 2 years ago - last estimate), with 3.5 mil in a 80 mile radius (including Austin).

I agree with most of what you said though. The Saints appear to have at least a better than 50/50 chance of staying in NO, imo. SA's best chance may be if/when the NFL expands by 2 teams to put a team in LA, if another team doesn't move to LA. They should have put a team in football mad San Antonio back in the 90s instead of a rinky dink market like Jacksonville. But I don't think SA had their stuff together at that time. Plus, SA has grown by leaps and bounds since then. SA does have a bigger population base than the likes of Jax and Nashville.
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