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Originally Posted by ChrisLA View Post
Orange County-Orange, specifically Old Town Orange and the historic walkable neighborhood surrounding it.
Love Orange. Had a friend that used to live near the Circle and always enjoyed visiting.

For Phoenix, on this forum, Tempe is the obvious choice. Other than the canals in Scottsdale, Tempe Town Lake is the only water-side development you're going to get in Phoenix. Tempe definitely keeps pace with and at times seems like it outpaces Phoenix for urban development. It outdoes Phoenix from a transportation perspective, with light rail and an under construction street car supplemented by a nice free neighborhood circulator system and excellent bike network. And then if you feel like it, south Tempe is very suburban, affluent and quiet with some of the best schools in the state. Plus I kind of like that it's land-locked, so they are motivated to grow up, as opposed to most other Phoenix suburbs that have ensured they can grow out into the desert ad infinitum.
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