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Law could easily move downtown since it is more or less self-contained.

The problem with many other fields is that their students have to take courses in other departments, so it's problematic to have them have to go back and forth between far away campuses. (Nurses take bio courses, business students take econ courses, etc.).

I'd guess there would be a lot of resistance to moving programs downtown as well because I know a number of U of M staff and they all live in the south end and mostly care about parking.

It's too bad U of W is so far west. I think an expanding RRC is really the best bet for the downtown. Realistically a lot of the more interesting growth fields are coming from RRC instead of the two Us, so hopefully we'll see some of the growth go in that direction.

It would be amazing if RRC could become a polytechnic type university offering a mix of certificate and degree programs. (Engineering for instance would be interesting, since it already has several technologist programs and Manitoba only has one engineering program in the entire province).
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