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i see both sides of this one. its a tough call. i hate skywalks especially in the exchange but there is something to be said for the staff and faculty too - for convenience and to attract them to the area these little things add up. i also gotta think about moving equipment around and everything - a bit of a pain to have to exit the building. it just makes a slightly overall, nicer working environment. i agree with both Ando and Wolf on a few things but the buildings at UW for example that are separated from the rest of the campus can be a pain to get to. Even the walk across to Duckworth Center from the rest of the campus - super short but its nice to have that skywalk especially in winter. One can enter campus from the heated underground parking in Axeworthy and make it all the way to old Wesley hall entirely indoors.

Now thats UW but I can see why Red River wants to do this from an operations / convenience standpoint. Its not just students but faculty, maintenance, visitors, security, etc. For what they've done for the Exchange I can give them a pass on this as much as I get the other side of the argument as well. Hopefully it doesn't look too ugly.
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