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Originally Posted by Wolf13 View Post
Experience and principles.

I spend a significant amount of time professionally investing money, my own and that of others in exactly this stuff, talking to professionals who develop/build/own. While I'm not a developer, it overlaps strongly into my world. Considering this is the financial world, which claims a large role in real estate, also a big big world, your petty attempts to talk my perspective down are laughable. My o

And I mean principle as a fundamental truth to pursuing the most effective use of real estate, not an opinionated stance on urbanism morality. This isn't coming from "my little corner of the world". Quite frankly, there are next to no private professionals in these two industries that think like you. And no, you're not keeping "the man" accountable, you're not batman
You have no idea what I do or what my experience or expertise entails. I do know that you have a certain perspective, however misguided, that I don't agree with. Intellectually, you're not even worth my time because you are too narrow-minded. You weren't going to convince me the Inuit Art Centre was a bad idea and you aren't going to convince me of this either. You do live in a little world. If you think otherwise, you really need to get over yourself. So as I've said several times now, we don't need to engage on this anymore.
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