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Originally Posted by Wolf13 View Post
What you're not getting (and I have read your posts) is that I'm basing my opinions on principles. This isn't made up shit. While we clearly need each other like yin and yang to kick up dust on SSP, I've repeatedly stated proven market principles throughout this forum, only for you to do the Ron Burgundy "...... I don't believe you".

I'm stating the obvious, and if it's ever not obvious perhaps it is because this forum tends to forget what developers need out of their projects. I don't think the lack of a skywalk is detrimental to the campus, but I do think it is less than optimal for the project. To scale back the highest and best use is simply unwise. The project/owner, the end user/tenant, then the streetscape, in that order. Not that streetscape is a distant third.
You state what you consider to be obvious in your little world based on your philosophy and your principles. Thankfully, people hold different principles and values. I thought I was clear though, I'm not buying what you're selling so no need to engage further on this.
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