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Legion Field

The real problem regarding Legion Field is the fact that it has been neglected almost as badly as the neighborhood around it. Both can be redeveloped and repurposed.

Forty plus years ago, Indianapolis decided it would become the amateur sports capital of the world. It developed a strategy, then worked the strategy. Not only was it successful in reaching its goal, but its efforts helped prepare the city to recruit professional teams as well. Birmingham has no such strategy or even a vision. We have to have more than whatever happens to be inside Gene Hallman’s or the Mayor’s head. Our tradition has been to build first and plan later, if ever. Hopefully this will change with the City’s new leadership.

Historic Smithfield is as convenient to Downtown as Avondale and Norwood. A little TLC and vision could position it well to be the next “it” neighborhood. That can become one of the tangible legacies of the World Games.
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