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Originally Posted by dennis View Post
I read up on the nll ( Wikipedia) and discovered that each team plays only 18 games a season. I'm assuming it's 9 home games which wouldn't be too much. The MTS centre already has a busy schedule. 9 games may fit. Edmonton had similar issues which forced the rush to relocate. But it seems Calgary is doing ok with the roughnecks and the hit men competing with each other.
It seems the key is having the owner of the NLL team also be the owner of the arena that they play in where there's competition between NHL and NLL.

The Flames own the Roughnecks so they can make it work easily enough. The Rush moved to Saskatoon due to lease issues with the new arena in Edmonton. Rumor is Edmonton will get a new NLL team that will be owned by the Oilers. So Winnipeg could probably make a go of it if True North bought a team. This is all because they can use the NLL team as a complimentary piece, and get gate revenue for 9 more events a year.

NLL is now top dog in Saskatoon so that will work for them as there isn't any pro hockey to cannibalize the market.
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