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Originally Posted by esquire View Post
OK, I realize I'm exhuming a long dead and buried thread but I have to ask... now that Postmedia owns the Winnipeg Sun and therefore has a foothold here again with its own printing presses and everything, I wonder why they don't bring the National Post back to newsstands?

I have their app but I kind of miss the paper edition... I happily remember the $15 (or was it $20?) annual 6 day a week home delivery subscriptions that they used to offer Telus users. (I remember I used to get the next day's edition delivered to my door at like 11 pm, which was weird.) Sadly, the only time I get to read it now is when I'm travelling.
Not applicable to you in Winnipeg, but those of us with Postmedia broadsheets now get a "National Post" section in our papers.
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