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Originally Posted by Chadillaccc View Post
Is Edmonton's growth picking up while Calgary's is remaining the same? Between 2011 and 2012, the metropolitan areas grew thus...

Edmonton: 33 400
Calgary: 40 500

If this growth continues, once the 2013 StatsCan estimates come out, the populations will be about...

Edmonton: 1 264 000
Calgary: 1 350 000

The gap between the two is widening... but according to the labour force estimates discussed on the Canada section, Edmonton is seriously catching up to Calgary in growth, so perhaps the gap widening could start to reverse this estimate period.
I know anything's possible, but to me, it looks like the days of Edmonton being Alberta's largest city are long over. At least for a long while. The gap might fluctuate here and there, but I think Calgary is poised (perhaps destined) to be Alberta's prime metropolis for the foreseeable future and thus over the long term these fluctuations will be meaningless. Even if Edmonton were to catch back up to Calgary, I doubt it would have much of an effect on the psyche of the city or interest in the city like it did from becoming the provincial capital in 1905 until the '88 Olympics in your neck of the woods.

Originally Posted by Chadillaccc View Post
According to this PDF, it looks like the municipality of Edmonton is projected to surpass 1 million people by about 2025. That would make the metro area about 1.5 million by that time (my own estimate about the metro)
Wouldn't surprise me to see high growth like that, especially if we get the green light to annex part of Leduc County up to and including YEG. After all, most of Edmonton's regional growth will be contained within the city limits. We're already at 812,000 as of 2011 and growing fast. Wouldn't surprise me if we've hit 850k already. If Metro Edmonton is around 1.5 million in 2025 (which I think is realistic), I'm guessing Calgary would be pushing 1.6 or 1.7 million, perhaps even 1.8 million if the gap widens enough.
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