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The last project for today: Tomis Marina.
The history of the yachting marina goes back in 1900's when the first breakwater was build and the marina had a capacity of 20 to 30 small boats.
In the communism the marina was redeveloped and the capacity increased to 120 boats and on the small breakewater they build a beautifull art deco style restaurant.
After the romanian anticommunist revolution in 1989 the marina undergoes decay becomming home for some poor fisherman and homeless people.
In 2008 started MIB Project -Marina Is Back phase one.
The boat capacity grew to 450 boats. The entire pedestrian are was redeveloped, caffes and terraces took place of the wood and cardboard shelters. A boathouse and service area are built same as 3 large parking areas.
Also the north breakwater was extended by 300m.
The completion of the first phase gave a deep breth to the entire historycall neighborhood. Almost all the medium wealth and rich people from Romania moved their yachts from the lakes in Bucharest to Constanta. Also the local leisure shiping activity grew and with it the first pessneger ships-Adornate and Kaptan M.
The most important sign was given by Ferretti who announced that after the completion of both phase one and two they'll move the entire Black Sea fleet in Tomis Marina.
Phase two will start this spring with the demoliton of an old and delapidated pedestrian overpass and the construction of new restaurants, a yacht club with a shopping center and a theme fountain shaped as a ship.

Those are the renders:

And images with phase one completed:

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