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The Hyperboloid looks cool, and it's very ahead of its time to be proposed in the 50s. If it were being built today in Russia or the middle east or someplace, it would be considered cutting edge. But as far as I can tell it doesn't really have any specificity to the Grand Central Station site, maybe it would have been better off if it were built for a new station someplace else. I wonder if it had been built if we'd could consider it to be an important landmark or an incredible mistake (ala Madison Square Garden). Maybe we'd have mixed feelings over it.

I'm surprised at this proposal. It doesn't seem very monumental to me, it just seems like a very normal unspecial building. The modern towers were at least incredibly monumental. Such a massive and unrelenting building on that view on Park Avenue is definitely monumental.

Although if I were putting a tower there I'd probably have the narrow side facing Park Avenue. The MetLife building looks a lot better from the narrow side.

Does anyone know about any proposals from the 20s or 30s? I bet those would be pretty interesting.
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