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Originally Posted by Spongebob View Post
I agree with everything you say except for one thing. It is precisely the slumlords fault and yes, they should suffer for it. (not the residents) I have personally been witness to many homes in the core and North Central areas and believe me, they are not fit for my dog to live in. SCAN and other municiple agecies have done a tremendous job in shutting down and bulldozing drug houses and homes that landlords refuse to bring up to standard. Newer homes have been popping up in North Central for the past 2-3 years on lots that used to have condemmed homes on them. Some of these homes were built in partnership with local reserves and were actually purchaced by band members instead of simply renting them out. (pride of ownership) At any rate, I am not suggesting displacing low income people. Rather, I think between existing programs and new business investment, the core area and North Central can be rejuvinated and brought up to an acceptable level for all residents.
I should have been more clear the way I wrote it... I was saying it isn't the residents fault for the mess of the buildings the slumlord are responsible for. Punish the slumlords, I'm all for that, but by just removing the homes from the slumlords control and destroying them, you are also punishing those that without even run down homes like that, would be on the street. And yes, as bad as we think those are, living on the street is worse.

So I guess we are on complete agreement there after all.
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