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Originally Posted by djforsberg View Post
The Core area doesn't exist anymore. It is the Heritage Area as outlined by the new plan. The Canterbury Park development going up on the SE corner of College and Broad will do wonders to help improve the area. Its only a matter of time that it becomes the new Cathedral area. Its all about bringing people in who have money to spend. Because they have money, the businesses will come and the improvements will be seen. The people who are taking the chance to move to the downtown area will have to trust that philosophy.
Ok, so they changed the name. The area and all of its problems remains the same. The prostitution stroll is still 12th Ave between Broad and Winnipeg and drug houses still infest the area like a cancer. While I agree that development around the area (like Canterbury Park) will help, we still need to shut down (or bulldoze) about half the neighbourhood. Agencies like SCAN (Safer Communities and Neighbourhoods) can be part of the solution. SCAN has the power to evict people from homes involved in the drug trade and prostitution. In some cases where the home is found to be too delapitated and the landlord refuses to bring it up to standard, it is bulldozed.

Don't get me wrong, I am all for development and investment in the area. I just think there are other agencies that could work in tandem with the business community to clean the area up faster.
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