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Originally Posted by jvj View Post
Broadway and the Metropolitan - closed about '81.
I think they went under because of the Famous Players theatre that opened along with the Cornwall Centre in '81...

Not to be outdone by Famous Players, Cineplex Odeon opened up the Coronet in '85 (I think?) as a 4 screen theatre. When business started booming, they took over the building next to them and added two more screens and a second concession stand in there making it a 6 screen theatre around '90.

When they opened the 10-screen multiplex in the Southland in '97 they tried to run both theatres but no one went to the Coronet anymore. They converted it into a cheap $2 theatre, but then Rainbow Cinemas from Saskatoon opened a theatre in the Golden Mile and the Coronet couldn't compete with that either, so it closed in '03 like the previous poster mentioned. It was demolished in '05 after no offers came in to buy the property, and it still sits vacant to this day.

When the new Galaxy theatre opened in the north west, Famous Players fell to the pressure and closed their doors for good in '04. The thing that sticks out in my mind the most about the Cornwall Famous Players was when Titantic opened. They put it on two of the four screens there and the lineup for it went up the stairs, down the hall and had people standing just outside the parkade waiting to get a ticket. What a ridiculous movie...
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