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I'm so tired of the FAA. It's ridiculous the kind of restrictions they're imposing on Boston. So, yeah, if a plane is a MILE off course it's going to hit this thing? News flash to the FAA: If a jetliner is a MILE off course at any point in its flight plan, there could be serious issues. The approaches to Logan are from over Southie or Boston Harbor - NOTHING comes even CLOSE to downtown. How this thing could have ever been considered a flight hazard, I'll never know.

So is this just it for Boston's downtown? The Prudential Building and the John Hancock Tower are NOT part of downtown... and yet they are both Boston and New England's tallest buildings. Is the FAA going to cancel ALL construction over a certain height limit in Boston? Because that's the message they're sending here, and that's a damned shame for my favorite city.