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Thanks for the update, BVic. I'm glad they're holding on to their plans. Not the most inspiring design, but if the quality is half-way decent I think it will really add something to Michigan Avenue (and additions are sorely needed). The plaza idea over Grand Avenue sounds good enough, and only not "great" because of the P-word. What's wrong with a pocket park space? I don't know the logistics for building plantable soil systems into a space built over a roadway, but I'm sure it's doable. How much could 9000 sq. ft. of trees really cost, anyway? In place of a bunch of useless granite-slab benches I'd say it's a wash. Well, whatever; at least 50% green sounds promising, I guess. And, at any rate, I guess I don't see Strategic shelling out for a more public-oriented space that's green and inviting; they'd rather spend their dough on something they know no one will want to use but will increase access to their hotel.