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Originally Posted by AdrianXSands View Post
1. too many professors like to analysis architecture. they clutter ideas up with esoteric theories about meaning and such. most of the time they're just wrong. other times they'll take things out of context and blow them way out of proportion. architecture is not art. you don't need to find meaning in ever little detail.
2. i'm pretty sure loos HATED the beaux art's.
3. i think that book you read wanted you to belive something about mies that is only partially true.
4. modern architecture, put simply, is about creating a clean, functional, and honest building. i don't get you connection to the "19th century Beaux Art's scholarship"
and 5. doing things on a human scale and being a practitioner of classicism is a tough connection to accept, sorry.
well, it is a theme I've gotten from my reading. Meaning is important from architecture, you can't dismiss it if you don't like it, it's there, it's what the greats of architecture spent their lives searching for. Architectural style is not in a vacuum, so much of it depends of the schooling and ethos of those behind it. I just worry that people may forget the connections betweens various architectural eras, over the obvious differences.

In addition, Mies is one of my most admired architects and I've read a lot about him and his work, and what I mentioned is a recurring theme.

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