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Originally Posted by AdrianXSands View Post

he's a moderist who doesn't adhere to any conventions or norms of what 'looks good'. his aesthetic is avant-garde and original, so what if people think it's 'ugly'. he's not crushing cups and turing it into 'architecture', while at the same time he's not obsessed with classical notions of proportions and beauty etc. his foundation is corbusier, mies, loos, and so on, yet he brings a crazy 21st century version of modern architecture to the table. he makes a cold miesian (not a bad thing mind you) box crazy, colorful, and fun. he's obsessed with the furture. and isn't originality a good thing? hmmm... if you're looking for one of the best examples of a form-follows-function approach to architecture, then you've found it in ALSOP. to me, he's like mies with a sense of humor.
I was just wondering what you mean by that? From what I've read about modern architecture, the international style practiced by Mies, and the order of Corbusier's French rationalism was a a return to order after the avant guards of expression, futurism and constructivism post WW1. One interesting analysis of Mies's work I read recently by an Oxford professor promulgated that Mies was one of the strictest practitioners of classical proportion. As were many of his contemporaries like Corbu, or Loos, who despite their clear innovation still drew upon their strict 19th century Beaux Art's scholarship, with it's heavy emphasis or neo classical proportion.
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