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Originally Posted by brisavoine View Post
This low fertility rate has existed for a long time already. Back in the 1970s and 1980s when West Germany was booming, the fertility rate of Germany was already pretty low. Even during the baby boom in the 1960s the fertility rate of Germany was of course higher than now, but still lower than France's or the UK's fertility rate. It's like something has been broken in the German psyche since the Third Reich and the Nazi pro-natalist policies, I don't know.
That´s a fact, unlike France, Germany and the german government specially, has been reluctant to introduce meassures to stimulate population growth since the nazi regime, in contrast, France has been implementing pronatalistic policies since a few decades. But given the enormous impact this demographic change causes to the social system this reluctance has been abandonced by the german goverment in recent years. On the other hand as you correctly pointed, fertility in germany has been lower than france for a long time now and if you compare there´s not a big difference between population growth in both countries the last decades.
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