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Originally Posted by trueviking View Post
youre crazy...i went from NK to u of m every day for 7 years and it was half an friend takes 2 hours minimum to get to work in calgary...he leaves at 5AM to avoid rush hour, but on the way home its 2 hours....are you actually pretending that calgary's traffic isnt horrific?....get real....for a city that size it has more traffic than are ridiculous to suggest anything else.

it can take 2 hours just to get out of downtown in calgary....i have several times been caught in freeway traffic in calgary that took hours to get through....i've sat at lights for 6 cycles numerous can cross winnipeg in 1/2 an hour any time of never...ever sit at a light for more than a single cycle....i go through portage and main every morning at 8:30....i'm usually the third or fourth car at the light....i go the full length of downtown...5 minutes in the morning....10 in the evening.
2 hours to get out of downtown? never! not even if there is an accident. let's at least try to be realistic. Calgary has a lot of traffic, but outside of rush hour, everything moves really well. the longest it should take you to get across the city is an hour and that's in the worst traffic.
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