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Originally Posted by h0twired View Post
TOTAL bullshit. 6 times? LOL!

I have a friend that works at the airport and lives in the SE and his afternoon commute is 45-50 min (40 km one way) and its closer to 35 minutes in the morning.

I work downtown and live in the SE and my afternoon commute is under 30 min (24 km one way) and under 20 minutes in the morning.

Compare that to when I was living in Winnipeg and commuted from the Maples to Scurfield and it took me 45-60 minutes to drive half the distance down route 90. Or how about how it takes close to 45 minutes in NON rush hour traffic to get from the U of M to North Kildonan?
youre crazy...i went from NK to u of m every day for 7 years and it was half an friend takes 2 hours minimum to get to work in calgary...he leaves at 5AM to avoid rush hour, but on the way home its 2 hours....are you actually pretending that calgary's traffic isnt horrific?....get real....for a city that size it has more traffic than are ridiculous to suggest anything else.

it can take 2 hours just to get out of downtown in calgary....i have several times been caught in freeway traffic in calgary that took hours to get through....i've sat at lights for 6 cycles numerous can cross winnipeg in 1/2 an hour any time of never...ever sit at a light for more than a single cycle....i go through portage and main every morning at 8:30....i'm usually the third or fourth car at the light....i go the full length of downtown...5 minutes in the morning....10 in the evening.

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