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Originally Posted by trueviking View Post're kidding right?....calgary has some of the worst traffic congestion i have ever seen, caused by the freeways and the sprawl that they have fostered...that is exactly the point...freeways cause longer commutes and do not alleviate buddy lives in the south and works near the airport and it takes him 2 hours to get home on the could drive across winnipeg 6 times in 2 hours during rush hour without a freeway in sight.
TOTAL bullshit. 6 times? LOL!

I have a friend that works at the airport and lives in the SE and his afternoon commute is 45-50 min (40 km one way) and its closer to 35 minutes in the morning.

I work downtown and live in the SE and my afternoon commute is under 30 min (24 km one way) and under 20 minutes in the morning.

Compare that to when I was living in Winnipeg and commuted from the Maples to Scurfield and it took me 45-60 minutes to drive half the distance down route 90. Or how about how it takes close to 45 minutes in NON rush hour traffic to get from the U of M to North Kildonan?
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