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Originally Posted by Double L View Post
Comparing game-specific ratings is meaningless when referring to the entire series and the Spurs season-long national ratings. That's just another aspect of who The Spurs are, most of their popularity is centered locally in comparison to previous national championship teams. I don't buy "people aren't watching because the spurs are going to win", either.

I'm not a Spurs fan, they rely on simple plays that do indeed invoke strong defense including good picking and motion offense, but I think that's too simple and I like to see players play off of each other on the court.
Can you give an example of something you that is complex enough to be exciting to you? The Spurs DO play off each other though. Anyone who watched the dismantling of all three Western Conference teams they played on the way to the Finals can see that. As much as Gregg Popovich likes his halfcourt offense, there are plenty of times where Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili are aloud to run wild and let the "players feed, not play, off each other."
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