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Los Angeles lacks enthusiasm for the NFL

Originally Posted by Trae View Post
We have been back and forth on this. Just read pages six-seven.
I've read pages six and seven and you're still off the mark on Los Angeles. You and others who think that LA is the default relocation spot for the Saints should they move seem to be unaware that the Los Anegeles citizenry is almost if not totally apathetic when it comes to NFL football. The question I posed was a rhetorical one more than anything else. Of course LA is a huge market. Would they support yet another team in their midst? Probably so, if only marginally. But that doesn't take away from the fact that they have not built any new stadiums in decades and have no group ready to finance a team should one choose to relocate there. San Antonio has all of the above and except for being only a fraction of the size of LA has everything else necessary to succeed as an NFL city.
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