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I wouldn't underestimate the likelyhood of this project. Alot of people underestimate India, but it probably has the most potential out of any country on earth, even more than China. It is by far the second largest population on earth (it would be the largest if you included its former parts, Bangledesh and Pakistan). Its population is growing while Chinas is flat and soon to be shrinking. It is a democracy and undergoing massive social and economic reforms.

It has one of the fastest growing service and bussiness sectors in the world. And also one of the largest numbers of new college grads, especially in engineering and bussiness...

I dunno they are real competition to the western and Japanesse financial and bussiness juggernauts. I think there may just be enough demand and low enough labor costs, to actually get a project like this built.

If not, oh well, they will eventually have the largest and most sucessful economy in the world anyhow...