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Originally Posted by Loopy
Just what sort of architectural wonders do these preservationists expect to find inside of a 100 year old flophouse?
Look before you leap... I think his comments about the interior were called for. The exterior makes it evident that this is no ordinary "flophouse." (I realize you have apparently been inside, which I have not. But almost certainly Jim Peters has not either. He's a very level-headed guy.)

LPCI got burned with their opposition to the Legacy project; I doubt they'll make the same mistake here. And with the 1000 S. Michigan project, they were calling openly for a thinner, taller building "in keeping" with the existing tall point towers on Michigan. Well, with this project, they got what they wanted, and I do not think you'll find an enemy there.

As far as Peters' comments about the exterior of the building and its terraces, that's hogwash. I don't think preservationists should be architecture critics.