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Originally Posted by BVictor1
An email I received...


There is a public meeting on Thursday, June 29, 2006 at 6:30 p.m. ( Jones College Prep, 606 S. State St.) on a very important high-rise to be built on Grant Park at 830 S. Michigan. This is planned to be a tall, slender tower. We have worked for a long time to convince the communities and others that it would be much better to have a taller, thinner, elegant building on Grant Park's south end that help shape the skyline and balance the high-rises at the north end of the symmetrical Grant Park. The 830 S. Michigan tower is planned to be over 70 stories.

With 830 S. Michigan, 1000 S. Michigan, and the One Museum Park high-rises on Roosevelt Road at the south end and the Legacy, Heritage at Millennium Park and 340 E. Randolph and the Aqua and potential Aon condominiums at the north end, Grant Park is one of the hottest real estate markets for condominiums in tall elegant buildings with unobstructed views of Grant Park and Lake Michigan. There are also many condo conversions on Michigan avenue like eh Metropolitan Tower.

We are promoting Grant Park as a community and we want to activate it with more residents and help frame the park symmetrically from Roosevelt Road to Randolph with tall slender, well-designed high-rises that create the landmarks of tomorrow. These types of buildings: will block less light, shape the skyline ( one of the top skylines in the world) and growing, are environmentally-friendly using very little land and having access to public transit and pedestrian friendly design. These Grant Park buildings need to be cutting-edge in design as they will be viewed by millions of people enjoying the lakefront and driving Lake Shore Drive and there will not be any buildings obstructing the views of them. Their design is very important as they will be very visible for generations.

Currently the site is an ugly, asphalt surface parking lot on Wabash and a derelict historic building on Michigan Avenue that will be renovated. We believe that by promoting tall high-rises downtown on Grant Park, we can energize and attract more retail and energy to the once sleepy south Grant Park area. This will also help make the area more safe.

Also, as part of the project the historic YWCA building on Michigan Avenue will be renovated. It is currently derelict. A new grocery store and restaurant are also part of the project.

Thank you,

Anyone still going to attend this meeting?

I wanted to go but the lovely measles is not being kind to me. Damned viruses.
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