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Originally Posted by SpawnOfVulcan View Post
I haven't the slightest clue. I can't imagine them using Brother Bryan Park. Really, the only space available adjacent to the construction site is "The Tower". But, I still can't imagine that space being used for a parking structure.

Maybe the deck used for "Pickwick Plaza" will be improved? I think there will be a limited amount of parking space, hopefully... and that UAB's transit system will make its rounds to serve the buildig. But if this building is planning on having it's own parking structure, I don't see it. It's such a small parcel.

But, I'm all for a residential tower with limited space for cars. Make people use existing transit... it's not like it doesn't already exist.
I don't think they will put a deck there, it was used as an overflow lot for The Break and the old Emily Shop. There is a construction trailer there as well as construction parts, I think it held about 30 to 50 car spaces. There is a small building in the back I think its called the Traffic building sitting on Arrington Blvd/21st Street directly across 10th Avenue from the Building Trades Tower.
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