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Originally Posted by SpawnOfVulcan View Post
Thanks, Tim, for the great visual updates!

I'm really starting to get concerned about the 3rd phase of the 20 Midtown development! A month or so ago, they were actively working to establish a stable foundation for the development, but I haven't seen ANY work at the site for a long while. I hope their just waiting to accrue enought tenants to warrant full construction. If that's not the case, with this dry (albeit hot) weather, they're missing a great opportunity to get some good work in.

BTW, the Five Points S tower is going vertical! There are reinforced concrete columns pointing to the sky. I still do not understand how they will accomodate residents with automobiles, but then again, maybe they're not anticipating residents who own vehicles.

Anyway, some great construction going on south of the tracks!
For the student residence on 20th and 10th (Ascend) there will be 2 or 3 floors of parking on the 1-3rd floors and there is a piece of property just down 10th at Arrington Blvd where the construction trailor is located will be parking there.
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