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Not sure if this is in bad tastes or not, so I'll just post links...but you can clearly see a shower here. So is someone watching J-Lo and A-Rod shower?


A viral photo of Alex Rodriguez on the toilet has many upset over privacy violation

Megan Johnson
May 18, 2019

When it comes to “watching the throne,” this probably isn’t what Alex Rodriguez was hoping for.

A photo of the baseball-star-turned-broadcaster sitting on the toilet in the $17.5 million New York City home he shares with fiancee Jennifer Lopez is making the rounds on the internet, causing many to say that it’s an example of prying eyes going too far when it comes to infringing upon privacy.

The photo shows Rodriguez sitting on the toilet in his luxurious, white-marble lavatory. Wearing a blue shirt, Rodriguez is seen looking at what appears to be his phone as he sits by the open shade, with customized “A” towels hanging alongside.

While the person who took the photo hasn’t been publicly identified, the photo was clearly taken from inside the Park Avenue building next door.
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