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The interesting piece of this is why is it all of a sudden that international passengers are up as well? SAT seemed to struggle forever in that. I'd also like to know how Air Canada is doing now that their schedule has changed to more connection friendly timing. Anyone able to pull those numbers?

I have to imagine with Spirit going into ABIA that SAT can't be too far behind. That would be a big 'get' for SAT imo and would continue to fuel growth. Its crazy to think where this airport was just 2 or 3 years ago, struggling to sell itself with the 20 - 30 destinations it had versus now with 54 destinations. At&t leaving I think really helped San Antonio realize that you have to invest in your airport if you want to attract and retain good jobs. SAT isn't there yet, but they are so so so much closer to where they need to be. Now if they can just get that elusive flight to Boston, and dare I say a trans-Atlantic... (I know, I know... longer runway blah blah blah).
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