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Originally Posted by Spoiler View Post
This is a forum for sharing news and opinions about buildings, mostly. It's nobody's job to satisfy you with their opinions. If you like everything you see here, I'm happy for you! You must be a real positive, uncritical person.

Myself, I'm not sure this building remodel is an improvement over the beige brick boxes of its past. It's just a change in style that may look as dated and dowdy forty years from now as what was already there. Remember the Hedrick Building (although these buildings in no way compare with the quality of the Hedrick Building).
Ok, i'm sorry. I'm not here to persuade others or to tell them how to think or feel. I retract my earlier comment. Back to the matter at hand, I honestly like this design. A good majority of the exterior covered with glass with a hint of iron clad siding or whatever you call the brown siding they will be using, that's something that is being done on today's newer buildings. Sure, it could be outdated 40 years from now just like any other previous building downtown (like the at&t bldg for example). Only time will tell.
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