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That's not true. Within the city limits Berlin has got about 3.5 Million inhabitants and Paris just like 2.5 Million, i think even less. Most people living in Paris are living in highly populous townships in the outside of the city limits.
If it would be true what you're trying to tell Berlin would have about 4.5 Million inhabitans, since the city has got larger towns in its suburbs. For example Potsdam belongs to the city are of Berlin but is situated outside the city limits so it does not count to Berlin's population.

And you might be right in the fact that Berlin as we know today was founded in the 20s out of several towns but today it's one city.
Thanks to our politicians we won't have this discussion anymore maybe when they are really going to combine the two federal states of Berlin and Brandenburg.

Need some proves?

Btw you should read more carefully.
I wrote: "With 3.5 million inhabitants within its city limits Berlin is the Germany's largest city by population and size and the 2nd largest city in the European Union."
Within its city limits

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