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Originally Posted by Paul in S.A TX View Post
Maxus you put your incorrect Avatar again.Why do you chose to believe San Antonio's the 27th largest city? My friend was just looking at that and commented, "Thats crazy".You should say 27th largest urbanized area.You must be from Austin, hah,or some other San Antonio hating place.
Paul, let's not go that way. And also, if you do ever see anyone, and I don't care where they call home, let me know if they're talking smack about San Antonio. Not just in the Texas section of the forum, but anywhere on the forum. And on the issue of Maxus' avatar, it isn't a wrong way of measuring a city's girth/size. In fact, it's rather correct, and he is far from bashing San Antonio with that. Those numbers of course are the metro numbers, rather than the city limits numbers. And actually, he's using an updated number, even Wikipedia lists it as 29th largest (old number).

Also, I fail to see any Austin forumers (Austinites - that is the correct term) bashing San Antonio. Again, if there are any let me know. I also don't see how there is even a thought that people in Austin have any hatred towards San Antonio. Are you kidding me? You guys are our playground as far as fun goes for certain things. Friends come in from out of state and we take them to San Antonio. My mom's comment a while back after seeing 2nd Street in downtown Austin really for the first time since they've started to redevelop it, her comment was "This is nice, if they started to make downtown more like San Antonio's, I'd like it." Of course she was talking about all the shops and pedestrian friendly atmosphere there.

Maybe I'll change my avatar around the first of the year or so and use my birth certificate.
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