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TTU Arch and GoldenBoot, you both mention about going somewhere I'm comfortable with, and that's exactly what my main factor has been. I'm aware and have been aware that UT, A&M, and others are established and have made a name for themselves, and true there might be an edge in getting a job, but I need to go into this relying on my work and my talent to land me a job, not riding the shoulders of a prestigious school, if you get what I'm saying. UT is a definite no -comes from growing up in an anti-Longhorn family , A&M I like but is not where I want to be, I can't see myself being as happy there as I could be at UTSA (basically because of location, which is a big factor in my decision making, maybe thats foolish, maybe not), Tech - too far away for my liking, UTA-no, just plain no, its very close to home though, and Ft. Worth is my 2nd favorite Texas city, but no, Rice-private, that ends that one , UTSA - perfect, and to answer your question, where I feel comfortable at. But dont misunderstand me and think that I feel or don't feel comfortable at these schools because of grades or work ability. For me, like I said it's all about location.

And for the record, I'm not in high school, I graduated last year, If I only had 7 more college hours I'd be a sophomore instead of a freshman-transfer but its ok

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