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Originally Posted by Crawford View Post
I'm not sure if Boston is really a "tech hub", though. Yeah, it's a massive research/innovation hub, but the major tech firms don't have a big presence. Traditional firms like Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, Oracle, Cisco and new firms like Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Uber, don't have much of a presence, meaning there isn't tremendous need for H-1B visas.

In contrast, Silicon Valley has a gigantic demand for H-1B, hence the massive Indian population around San Jose.
Odd take, since I’ve never seen Boston described as being anything other than a tech hub. Its industry is definitely more health-based and less IT, social media, and entertainment, that’s for sure.

“Tech” is a really broad-based term these days, and I’ve noticed that it’s often used in the context of describing cities with an educated workforce or startups receiving VC funding.

In the former case, DC, Denver, Austin, etc. are supposedly “tech hubs,” while LA less so. But we gave birth to the Internet, was a player in early social media (MySpace), invented “Stories” through Snapchat before Instagram hijacked it, started the scooter revolution through Bird, and are home to SpaceX, whose plan is to launch 42,000 satellites to provide high-speed Internet service worldwide.
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