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Originally Posted by Capsicum View Post
I'm sure people adjust. If you go to really big ethnically diverse big cities like Chicago, NYC, or Toronto (yes, I know all three are less cold than Minni), you'll see no one batting an eye at black or brown people dressed in their winter scarves and boots headed off the work on a chilly winter morning, or assuming that someone can handle less cold because of where their ancestors came from.

In fact, even towns and cities in Arctic Canada (though tiny in number) is getting some (really small, but present) amount of immigrants from places like the Philippines and India, as Canada attempts to get more people to settle the north and spread around immigrants so they don't centralize into only big crowded cities.
Their kids are from Chicago and genetics have no play in that - but those who moved here from warmer climes, well they remember warmer climes. My mom complained about the winter for nearly 60yrs after moving up here from Memphis.
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