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Originally Posted by robertocarlos View Post
My walkscore at Donald and Broadway is 98. It only takes me 1 minute to drive downtown.

I think we should have more short route buses as the closer you live to a major destination the more likely the bus is full. I am 25 minutes away from the OV Safeway and it is the same time to walk home as it is to take the bus but the bus has a small possibility of being full so you can't get on it and waiting 5 minutes for the next one means I'm better off walking home.

Downtown is still not great for groceries. TNS might change that though.
Maybe I'm misunderstanding your post, but how does it take 25 minutes to ride the bus from Safeway to Donald and Broadway? I'm farther away at Portage & Garry and the bus to Safeway takes less than 10 minutes.
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