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Originally Posted by oldmanshirt View Post
But just to be clear, she hasn't given the project final approval yet.

"On Friday, Sculley informed the mall's owner, New York-based Ashkenazy Acquisition Corp., that she approves of the concept of a hotel at the site but that its architects must return to the Historic and Design Review Commission for another go-around."

Read more:

If I'm parsing correctly, she approves the concept (one of the excuses given by the Commission for denial) but is leaving the HDRC free to tweak the design as they see fit.
It will be tweaked but not radically changed. Remember the hdrc was actually split 4-4 on the previous design so they only need one more yes vote. Plus the city manager is in favor of it and has actual final approval not the hdrc. The smaller tower will be reduced and the larger one increased most likely. Done deal. Again can not be emphasized enough. The hdrc doesn't have final approval the city mgr does and she approves the project.
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