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Originally Posted by nycer View Post
No gold-plated walking canes over here ;-)
I appreciate the map - you all are very helpful.
As I live in an apartment right now in NYC, I might be a little overwhelmed by a ranch-themed bungalow.

I guess one of the most important factors for me is bus service/walkability, as it might take a little while to get a Canadian drivers license and buy a car.
It probably won't be hard to make the change to driving in Canada.

Most people here drive like old farmers..straddling two lanes while doing 20 under..

The hardest part if you ask me, will be winter driving in this part of the world. It's something you are probably ill prepared for.

It can get to be -49F here..That's right!

Wikipedia it and see if i'm lying, we're the coldest city on Earth baby! Only the strongest survive..none of that prissy NYC winter with a couple of flakes of snow.
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