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Council to hear of Hyatt dispute

Council to hear of Hyatt dispute

Originally Posted by the above article
Several subcontractors for FaulknerUSA's Grand Hyatt hotel and Alteza condos say the company is refusing to pay them, and the city has dropped the ball on ensuring they're compensated. Up to 80 people plan to demand today that the City Council do more to get them money.

The subs say FaulknerUSA's debts have hurt their lines of credit, and some of the subs have been sued themselves because other companies with whom they contracted for services and supplies haven't been paid, either.

City attorney: FaulknerUSA cheated subcontractors

Originally Posted by the above article
City Attorney Michael Bernard told a large contingent of unpaid subcontractors at Thursday's City Council meeting that he knows FaulknerUSA, the city's pick to build its flagship convention-center hotel, has “cheated” them out of the money they're owed.

Roughly 200 subs were on hand to ask the City Council for help in securing payments for work they did on the Grand Hyatt hotel and Alteza condo project. Executives and owners from several companies told the council that they provided work and supplies and have yet to be fully paid.
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