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Originally Posted by Migs View Post
I guess you fail to understand the reason why Regina hasn't got the flights yet. Its not because Saskatoon 'won' anything, its because the feds wouldn't supply customs workers for the flight times that were given to Regina. Once that all works out, both cities will have the similar international flights as I hear Regina is very close to securing Salt Lake City as well as the aforementioned Vegas. But hey if you want to proclaim this as some kind of 'victory' then have at er (I know you guys don't have very many ), I'm going to head down to the stadium to watch some CFL football and look forward to the multi-million dollar intermodal transportation hub that's being built in Regina.
Migs, I think that you are confusing the overnight flights that they talked about for Saskatoon and Regina, and the current flights that Westjet is running in the fall. Westjet has decided to run service to Vegas to three different cities, Victoria, Abbotsford and Saskatoon.

I don't know if this is how it would work, but based on the days it almost seems like they will have a plane as a 'Vegas Express', as the three cities have flights on different days of the week, between them covering every day of the week. These flights run during the day,and as such don't require any special Canada Customs coverage.

What was offered to both Saskatoon and Regina last year was an overnight service that caused the Canada Customs problem. It was mentioned in the article in the LP that Regina might be offered this type of overnight service for the winter months.

As for the whole Regina airport vs Saskatoon airport service debate? I think that perhaps Saskatoon is seen by the airlines as more dynamic and it seems like S'toon has done a better lobbying job than Regina has to get the flights. I don't see many people flying or driving to Saskatoon to get on either the Denver or Westjet flights, those people will fly to what another poster described as Sask's true international gateway...Calgary.
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