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Wait until all the construction gets in full swing at BAMC-Ft. Sam Houston.. thats gonna be nuts. They have to keep that whole place operational while they build two huge parking garages, a massive outpatient clinic(separate from BAMC, whole new hospital which they have already broken ground on(Battlefield Health/Trauma), and add a new 6 or 8 story bed tower to the existing BAMC. Biggest construction project this town has ever seen

Check out RTKL's cool Rendering of the new BAMC concept your tax dollars at work:-)

They are also going to build 4-4 story METC (Medical Education Training) 2 of which have been awarded to Zachary as far as I know they are not under const. yet. Also 2-1000 man Barracks which have already been awarded to a general contractor out of Austin,Hensel Phelps,they did the new Samsung chip Fab up there, barracks have not broke ground yet.

I know it's not really tall skyscraper stuff so don't ban me or anything but you gotta admit it's very impressive.

So Cool
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