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curious what others think, but i think some of you are over reaching for most people with some of these. i would say:

Los Angeles:
Hollywood Sign
Randy's Donuts building
Capitol Records Tower

San Diego:

san antonio:
needle tower thing

wrigley field
marina towers

city hall
rocky statue

now these other quick examples given are right on point, again at least from a typical visitor point of view (i dk if brevity is important to op, seemed like it at first from the examples, but then he added a bunch more so ??? -- so if not then i dk where you would draw the line because there is tons of idiosyncratic stuff in any bigger city):

St. Louis, MO:
The Gateway Arch

San Francisco, CA:
The Golden Gate Bridge

New Orleans, LA
The French Quarter

it's a fun idea to make this kind of list, but maybe we should narrow it a bit? just a thought.
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