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Originally Posted by memph View Post
There are a few examples of small floorplate towers in Toronto actually, ex this older highrise.!8i8192
There's another on Pembroke St one street over.

However, those two are the only ones I can think of out of the 2000+ highrises in the city.

I thought there'd be a bunch more, but even some other likely candidates like Theatre Park and Museum House are in the 4,000-6,000 sqft range. 2,000 sqft floorplates are really quite small for a high-rise.

There are a few projects in the works that look like they'd be in that range though:

24 Mercer

33 George

369 King

217 Adelaide

A few common factors they share:
  • Constrained sites with no ability for larger land assemblies.
  • Surrounded by other high-rises - making zoning/community approvals easy.
  • Generally higher-end residential developments - smaller floorplates are desirable for exclusivity & more light.
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