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Originally Posted by Andy6 View Post
I don’t think we’d ever refer to a highway as “the 39” on the Prairies. We used to say “the Number 1 highway” etc., for the major low-numbered highways in Manitoba but generally it was just “Highway 39” or “PTH 39” sometimes, in more official communications, such as government reports and press releases. I don’t know what the practice is in Sask, though.
"Highway 39" would be most common, occasionally just "39". e.g. "How do you go to Minot from Regina?" "I take 33 then 47, then 39 from Estevan which turns into US 52." You will hear "the Ring Road" for our freeway occasionally, but never "the Idylwyld" in Saskatoon (at least, I've never heard it).
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